Brooks Trial Hears About Horses
Feb 4

The ongoing trial of former prominent horse owner David Brooks in New York, yesterday heard about the millions of dollars spent on his horses.

Assistant US Attorney Christopher Ott accused Brooks of setting up a company to illegally take millions of dollars from his company, DHB Industries, to finance his harness racing hobby according to a report in Newsday today.

The front company, Tactical Armor Products (TAP), listed Brooks’ former wife, Terry Brooks as owner/operator, but Ott told the court that it was actually in total control of David Brooks.

A TAP plant in Tennessee did provide DHB with material for body armor, but it was at vastly inflated prices alleges Ott. TAP also had a small office near the DHB offices in New York and Elinore Kaye, the bookkeeper there from 2002 to 2006, was a government witness yesterday.

Ott read off a long list of names, including several trainers, caretakers, veterinarians, etc., which Kaye recognized as those receiving cheques from TAP authorized by Brooks.

The Newsday report notes that some details of Brooks’ alleged use of company funds to finance his horse racing holdings were contained in his indictment but the overall details are just emerging now in court.


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