Spelling Errors A Focus At Brooks Trial
Feb 2

The trial of former Standardbred owner and breeder David Brooks continued yesterday in New York and saw a great deal of focus on spelling errors made in a document which allegedly gave Brooks permission to have all of his personal expenses paid by his former company DHB Industries according to a report in Newsday.

“If he or his associates could have correctly spelled "unanimous," alleged corporate looter David Brooks might have gotten away with a scheme to have his body-armor company pay for $5 million in personal expenses, including a $101,000 jewel-encrusted belt buckle, a federal prosecutor said Monday,” writes Robert Kessler in today’s story.

In 2005 Brooks produced a document he said was from 1997 and authorized him to be compensated for personal expenses. In that document unanimous was spelled unanumous. Assistant US Attorney Christopher Ott told the court yesterday that the only other official document from the company found that had unanimous spelled incorrectly was one that Brooks sent out in 1999 about a sale of stock. Ott used that to suggest that the expense authorization was fabricated.

Mary Kreidell, the company’s chief financial officer at the time, was asked if she had ever seen the expense document, and she responded no. When questioned by one of Brooks’ lawyers she said she had never been asked by Brooks to commit what she considered an illegal act.

The lawyer went on to produce another company document in which business was spelled buisness in several instances suggesting that spelling errors were common in company documents.

Kessler reports that among the personal items the government is claiming Brooks’ business illegally paid for were trainers and supplements for his stable of horses, jewelry, prostitutes and pornography for a relative.

Today's story also notes that several sources claim that Brooks was found with more than 20 Ativan tablets when searched last week after his court appearance which led to his transfer to a Federal Detention Centre in Queens.


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