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Aug 7

The inaugural online and interactive edition of The Harness Edge is now available for viewing. Simply click on the magazine cover on the right side of the home page to view the July/August issue, the very first featuring our new format.

This issue is packed with great feature stories including profiles on Matt Kakaley, Pat Ryan, Julie Miller, Senena Esty, Hugo Langeweg Sr. & Jr., Falcon Seelster, Lynne MacLellan and our cover story Perry Soderberg.

You’ll note as you flip pages of the magazine that several have highlighted portions which indicates that they have links available. Simply click those to access the links. Where a video is available for viewing, put your mouse on that spot on the page and the video will appear. Just move your mouse to stop the video.

There is also a feature where you can view the magazine full screen. Click on the top left icon that has the square and a mark at each corner to get full screen. On the bottom left is the multi page view or table of contents.

The best way to explore the online version is to simply play with it and discover the many innovative features it provides. As we all become more proficient with this new way of presenting our magazine, more and more components will be added including expanded video content.

As always, we’re very happy to receive feedback and input from our readers so please let us know what you think of the new version. Suggestions for improvements, stories, etc., are always welcome through the link provided or to

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