WEG Enters Earth Hour Field
Mar 25

Woodbine Entertainment Group announced today it will join thousands of organizations around the world and participate in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29.

Earth Hour will assemble the conservation efforts of a wide range of corporate, government and community groups, all of whom will turn off their lights for 60 minutes from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The intent of the symbolic event, which is being organized in at least 12 world class cities, is to build awareness about climate change and symbolize how a cohesive group of individuals acting in unison can make an impact.

"We are in full support of Earth Hour and the awareness it will create," said Jane Holmes, vice-president of corporate affairs, Woodbine Entertainment.

"Woodbine Entertainment Group has undertaken many initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. We were recently recognized by Peter Love, Ontario's chief energy conservation officer for our efforts. For Earth Hour we are going even further to reduce our energy consumption at all of our sites."

While the outside lights over the Toronto oval must remain on during Earth Hour, for the safety of horses and drivers competing, Woodbine plans to support the initiative by eliminating lights in certain areas of the grandstand and lowering air and water temperatures. Mohawk, Greenwood Teletheatre and WEGZ Stadium Bar will show their support by reducing exterior lighting. Turf Lounge which does not operate on Saturday evenings, will be closed as usual.

Earth Hour is intended to inspire consumers and businesses to consider what actions they may be able to take to reduce their 'carbon footprints' - a measure (in carbon dioxide) of greenhouse gases one contributes to the environment from their collective activities.

"We encourage our fans and employees to consider how their actions effect the environment and challenge everyone to come up with ways of reducing the size of the ecological footprint they leave behind," added Holmes.

For individual citizens, Earth Hour's website suggests that residents show their commitment to the cause by replacing their standard light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. For more information and to learn other ways of preventing climate change, visit www.earthhour.org and add your name to the movement's list of 196,882 citizens and 12,874 businesses.

Earth Hour originated in 2007 in Sydney. The power and popularity of the event rapidly turned it into a global movement.


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