This collection consists of 12 books and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

If you are interested please contact me by email or 519 652 3733. Priced to sell.

Biomechanics of Lameness in Horses - 1969 by James R. Rooney D.V.M.
Horse Psychology by Moira Williams A.S Barnes & Co., New York
Harness Racing by George Sullivan Fleet Publishing Corp., New York with introduction by Walter J. Michael, president of the USTA 1964
The Great Dan Patch by Fred A. Sasse, The Piper Co. Blue Earth Minnesota 1957. This book has been rebound.
The Complete Horseshoeing Guide by Robert F. Wiseman, University of Oklahoma Press 1968 (like new, excellent illustrations)
The Lame Horse by Dr. James R. Rooney, Wilshire Book Co., Hollywood CA. (many illustrations, excellent book)
Breeding the Racehorse by F. Tesio, J.A. Allen & Co, London S.W.I. 1958 (like new, paper cover with pictures)
The Gait of the American Trotter and Pacer by Rudolf Jordan Jr. Wm R. Jenkins Co. New York 1958 (very rare, like new great outside hard cover with picture and gold print) Great photos of Lou Dillon 1:58.5 (1903)
D.R.F. Humphrey's Veterinary Remedies (new cover, pages are torn and some tears) This is a very rare book - fantastic remedies. This book has been rebound.
Mares, Foals and Foaling by Friedrich Andrist. Forward by Professor J. McGunn, J.A. Allen & Co 1 Lower Grovenor Place London S.W.I Excellent with automatic almanac to determine foaling date, two different wheel charts

Dr Chase's Recipes, published by R.A. Beal Ann Arbor Michigan 1874, Fantastic remedies from years ago - 599 pages - very, very rare! signed by A.W. Chase MD and others. This book has been rebound.

The Blue Book of Harness Racing, David C. Jackson publisher Chicago Ill. 1980. This book has been rebound.