2 Year Olds in Training in Canada
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2 Year Olds in Training in Quebec

Marcel Barrieau Stable, Laval, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
C L EightyCCammibestMidnight Serenade
Inca HanoverCDragon AgainIts A Trick
Kirk SylberunCPistols N SpursFgs Maggie
Lova DreamCPearsall HanoverLova Square
Night OwlCCams Card SharkEveryday Filly
ReconciliationCSir LuckKendrandemily
Rose NormandFFortuna WinnerDeesse Normand
Shes A SevenFAces N SevensShes A Bit Jiffy
Joanne Bouchard Stable, Delan, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
FunonastarFHouse Of FunGovan Stardust
Simon Boucher Stable, St Laurent, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Liddah DreamFPearsall HanoverPeekaboo Blue Chip
Jack Calce Stable, Rerrefonds, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Cammbe AggoCCammibestScooter Lane
Chief AggoCChief MartyAile De Semalu
Jean Paul Charron Stable, Laval, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Armand SpiceFElectric StenaM B Fanfaronne
Crosby ManiaCSurf PartyFolie Vision
Majeska SaurelFChief MartySoft Touch Hanover
Colin Johnson Stable, Le Gardeur, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Clair LavictoireFDr RonerailSusan Lavictoire
Coffs HarbourCMonte HallAlbanian Princess
DGS CrosbyCAtrist StenaGourmet Barb
Electrifant StenaCElectric StenaCoinfiance Stena
Eloquante StenaFElectric StenaRosebud Stena
Emotion StenaCElectric StenaManne Stena
Empereur StenaCJb StenaLucan Laura
Etoile StenaFArtist StenaNova Stena
Excellente StenaFJb StenaLove Me Stena
Frious PrescottFPassailedCasino Prescott
Furious NadiaFElectric StenaTartine Hanover
Mathers CreatureFMonte HallJc Marlene
Mg FigaroCPassailedRustlers Hustler
Mg FrederiqueCPassailedMg Marlene
RullyCArmbro NashUnshackled
Run For MoneyCArmbro ReplyHadley
Topic DrummondCChief MartyTwiggy Drummond
Dustin Jones Stable, Melbourne, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Across All BordersCDuke Of YorkLovable Truth
Angel WayFConway HallAngelholm Hanover
Bo ReveurCGoliath BayamaCall The Bank
ChedingtonCStriking SahbraSouthwind Maywood
Crab DerableFAjs TycoonShadow Lane
DGS PaulaFChief MartyUltra Lady
EvolutionFDuke Of YorkLou Macs Glory
High OctaveGStriking SahbraCrystas Chip
Hootie HanoverFReal DesireHattie
Incredible TycoonCAjs TycoonIncredible Imagery
JustincaseCAjs TycoonWinning Condition
Lovin SoulFAngus HallSoulful Hanover
Miss ShanghaiFBlissfull HallMatter Of Style
Never RetreatCStriking SahbraCinnabar Hanover
Originl HostessFDuke Of YorkHostess
Point FifteenCAjs TycoonShallow Point
Richmond HanoverCReal ArtistRiver Hanover
Self ProclaimedCSelf PossessedAll About Victory
Southwind PiperFArtsplacePrincess Callie
Star GazerFConway HallMy Shooting Star
Stonebridge LordCAngus HallRoyal Bait
Stormont HawkGStormont BronzeStormont Cinderella
Stormont MonsieurGStormont BronzeSamata
Stormont Ooh La LaGStormont BronzeTanya Seelster
Stormont SaturnGStormont BronzeStormont Zodiac
Sylver NicoCMontee HallTakapicturewithme
Tango AngusCLisleaBrets View
Tuscan SkyFKadabraLimitless Sky
Undersky CommanderCOmar KhayamJn Tywine
Michael MacDonald Stable, Laval, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
McHales GravyCMcArdleParis Bistro
Daniel Martin Stable, McMasterville, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Avid ArtistCReal ArtistJated Love
Big Bam RayCYankee CamSheshore
Canaco RaphaellaFChief MartyCanaco Tina
Canaco RevlonFYankee CamTaylor Ried Q
Canaco RivaFHigh On EmotionCams Affaire
Canao ReeseCVictorys ForceDacotina
Christoffer BlissCBlissfull HallMakeasignofpeace
DGS Straight FlushFBlissfull HallDGS El Nina
Fighter BlissFBlissfull HallBroadway Comeback
General BlitzFBlissfull HallPeriella Hanover
Gidget GirlFMr LavecGaget Girl
Miss ManhattanFBlissfull HallMadame Montcalm
Rageur NormandCPearsall HanoverEglantine Normand
RinkaFLukes PierreR L Intrigante
RoshumbaFPearsal HanoverSalina
Tigre AngusCC R ExcaliburHeliante Angus
TooskiCDauntless BunnyMitsou Montcalm
Unchained MusclesFMuscles YankeeChain Saw
WatervilleFConway HallLasting Victory
Wellington VoloCYankee GlideWinkys Trophy
Where TooFBlissfull HallQueen Of Jacks
Yankee GoldrushFYankee PacoGratis Yankee
Ziegler HanoverCAndover HallZqsmwa
Normand Masse Stable, Verdun, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
C L TournesolFEarly ClosingM C Suzy Rail
Ornellaia DreamFFortuna WinnerOrnellaia
Quasi MotionFCamotionQuasmodo Semalu
Stuck On EmotionFHigh On EmotionChartmaker
Pierre Touchette Stable, Vaudreuil, PQ
Name of HorseSexSireDam
Canaco RennieFChief MartyBolero Arthira
Canaco ReveilleFChief MartyDime A Minute
Canaco RoscoCChief MartyCanaco Ellamony
Canaco RustlerCYankee CamSuntan Hanover
Cory DrummondCClowns TearsCounter Glow
Crepe HanoverFYankee GlideC R Seminole Fan
Enya Blue ChipFArt MajorChutney Hanover
Le ManipulateurCChief MartyJubilee Davi
Miss Mary RoseFChief MartyMagendie
Orityrie SemaluFYankee CamSignature Semalu
Style SemaluFMillion Dollar CamAlcyon Semalu

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