2 Year Olds in Training in Prince Edward Island

Trainer, Location
Horse Sex Sire Dam
Affleck, Terry Stable, Stratford
Timely Cam c Smooth George Emily Post Time
Annear,Ralph Stable, Montague
Dunmore TCB c Black River Milady Rambler
Dunmore Calabash c Black River Dunmore Angel
Too Too Breeze f Harrods Royal Rage
Arsenault,Jack Stable,Charlottetown
Airborne H J f Matter Of Money Airborne Governess
Arsenault,Kenny Stable,Charlottetown
Basin View Lisa c Call For Cash New Reflections
Elm Grove Bret f Armbro Operative Threatening Storm
Rayson Hell c Rayson Hanover All The Gold
Sudden Future c Falcons Future Suddenly Susan
Waterside Fastball f Presidential Ball Almahurst Cheerful
Bagnall, Carl Stable, Charlottetown
Blackjack Zest                c Zest For Life            Broken Promises
Crooked Path                c Straight Path            Holy Matrimony
Glencove Penny f Armbro Ricochet Zorgwijk Beth
Glencove Pegasus c Defies Logic Apollyon
Image Consultant            c Balanced Image            Mercury Kosmos
Barnett,Myles Stable, Alberton
Royal Strike Out c Lisryan Belle Gay Princess
Bearisto, Skip Stable, Kensington
Dragon A Fool c Rayson Hanover Dragons Madam
Bell, Wayne Stable, Pinette
Countyline Shelley f Black River Bio Glory
Bernard, Albert Stable, Charlottetown
Chase N Tyson c Rayson Hanover Island Rain
Island Zircon f Lisryan Nancinprinceton
Rayson Scot c Rayson Hanover Portree
Woodmere Style f Drop Off Stylish Winner
Bernard, Jack, Stable, Kensington
Edgewater Bayvue c Happy Paysak Rivervue Rhapsody
Nicoles Baby f Hunterstown Bourgeois Baby
Bernard, Urban Stable, Mount Carmel
Berland Sheba f Rayson Hanover Armbro Indra
Biggar, Paul Stable, Tyne Valley
Rushover c Rayson Hanover Melanie Scoot
Brown, Gordon Stable, Charlottetown
Born To Reign c Lisryan Traces Of Knight
Burgoyne, Russell Stable, Charlottetown
Pondside Prince c Matter Of Money Miss Pond Side
Chappell, Gary Stable, Charlottetown
A Fearsome Lad f Matter Of Money Dexters Crown
Humming Bird Lane f Arcane Hanover Lively Dandy
Island Zoe f Lisryan Island United
Jills Bill c Sherwood Abe Domino First
Lets Talk Joe c Lightening Speed Another Talk
T Bear Kate f Lisryan T Bear Honey
The Black Duchess f Matter Of Money Fort Star
Chappell, Lester Stable, Summerside
Hes Just A Boy c Horan Hanover Loose As Ashes
Clarey, John Stable, Montague
Justahunter c Hunterstown Just Pacing By
Claybourne, Glenn Stable,Charlottetown
Laugh Therapy c Die Laughing Daniel My Gal
Cobb, Ralph Stable, Kensington
Dylan Dream c Drop Off Angelas Dandy
Cole, Sandra Stable, Kensington
The Ladies Love Me g Black River Ladys Classic
Coughlin, David Stable, Tyne Valley
Mtpleasantstar f Stargaze Hanover Armbro Gingham
Craswell, Barry Stable, Charlottetown
Moldaus Drop c Drop Off Moldau Last
Money Dont Grow g Matter Of Money Dots Dandy
Woodmere Finality c Drop Off Tonda Hanover
Darrach, Harold Stable, O'Leary
Ryans Fancy c Lisryan Rose Is Rose
Desroches, John Stable, Tignish
Childers Drop Off f Drop Off So Blue Childer
Dickieson,Leith Stable, New Glasgow
Ellindale Nancy f Hunterstown Ellindale Image
Doucette, Eric Stable, Rustico
Rymar Sky f Black River Rymar Flash
Doucette,Gus Stable, Summerside
Boom Justlikethat f Oily Affair Our Lil Maggie
Doucette, Phillip Stable, Charlottetown
No Alibi c Justice Denied Paris Equal
Tropical Rain Drop c Drop Off Tropical Rain
Doyle, Paul Stable, Charlottetown
Traduce f Hunterstown Delphic Dancer
Heshe Gal f Drop Off Charlottes Key
Doyle, Vaughan Stable, Charlottetown
Mattatuck c Matter Of Money Tesa Tuck
Evans, Gerry Stable, Charlottetown
Pownal Bay Ed c Rumpus Hanover T K Stormie
Farrell, Bernard Stable, Montague
Springbrook Dalis c Drop Off Springbrook Shanna
Ferguson, Reg Stable, Charlottetown
Mapleview Rose f Arcane Hanover Hurst
Gallant, Terry Stable, Kensington
Royal Val f Lisryan Magical Ball
Gamester, Bryon & Melvin Stable, Hunter River
Speedy Barika f Sherwood Abe Speed Learning
Gass, Ronnie Stable, Cornwall
Bono c Horan Hanover Delta Nu
Brookridge Sky c Defies Logic Oretta Hanover
Calla Lilly f Bad Bert Linwood Camlit
Do The Town f Smooth George Hrs Down Town
Dusty Lane Badbert c Bad Bert Changing Seasons
Dusty Lane Lass f Hunterstown Mutual Consent
Dusty Lane Marj f Lisryan Just Say Yes
Dusty Lane Ralph c Black River Dusty Lane Tasha
Dusty Lane Shyann f Imperial Angus Katie Dillon
Dusty Lane Shelby f Imperial Angus Dusty Lane Nipper
Emotional Time f Raised Emotions Dream As A Gypsey
Samoa c Pacific Rocket Da Bunny
Timberlane Deb f Eager Seelster Debs Birthday
Traveling Cruiser f Almahurst Cruiser Traveling Elise
Universal Slugger c Slugger Sahbra Elmwood Galaxy
Wuzz A Bye f Drop Off Jeans Jewel
Gillis, Donnie, Stable, Miscouche
Lonestar Ira c Drop Off Bayside Sting Rae
Gregory, Warren Stable, Charlottetown
Mini Matters f Matter Of Money Kentucky Pam
Gregory, Wendell Stable, Charlottetown
TC Whistler c Lisryan Lolo Mongil
Hansen, Frank Stable, Tyne Valley
Dusty Lane J Lynn f Pans To Reason Dusty Lane Lynn
Hannah, Lloyd Stable, Summerside
Just A Miracle f Blind Justice E A Elizabeth
Hennessey, Jody Stable, Charlottetown
Myns A Bub c Bub Mynahs Acton Up
Hicken, Trevor Stable, Charlottetown
Hopedale Jig f Black River Elmwood Glitz
Hill, Doug Stable, Charlottetown
Mystery Guest c Rayson Hanover Guest Appearance
Honkoop, Bert Stable, Montague
BJ Nikita f Arcane Hanover B J Hollytown
FX Ridge g Black River My Little Nipper
Hughes, Jason Stable, Charlottetown
Glengyle Jewel f Arcane Hanover Oldtime Kellie
Island Zorro c Lightening Speed Nifty Nukes
Jamieson, Jerry Stable, Montague
Raysondreams c Rayson Hanover Dream Never Dies
Kelly, Phillip Stable, Emyvale
Town Factor c Chill Factor Tina Town
Lamont, Wilbert Stable, Kensington
Basin View Dee Dee f Call For Cash Dee N Otis
Lanigan, Peter Stable, Cambridge
Razelle f Rayson Hanover Boomelle
Larkin, Roland Stable, New Glasgow
Cigar George c Rayson Hanover She Hawk
Lawton, Elwood Stable, Pownal
Southview T J c Pacific Rocket Southview Shania
Southview Maverik c Matts Scooter Entry System
Lilly, Jeff Stable, Charlottetown
Bettim David f Rayson Hanover Cecily
MacArthur, Dave Stable, Tyne Valley
Jorg c Black River Rustico Triblaze
MacDonald, Danny Stable, Charlottetown
Charlottes Hit c Largo Habs
Golden Bars c Rayson Hanover Elite Anne Marie
Miss Ralston f Arcane Hanover Yea Yea Ralston
MacDonald, Micheal Stable, Orwell
JC Riley c Rayson Hanover Gypsy Two
MacDonald, Paul Stable, Charlottetown
Maple Grove Oneida f Rayson Hanover Maple Grove Futura
Raceon Little Man c Rayson Hanover Star Potential
Raceon G P c Rayson Hanover Woodmere Winny
MacDonald, WJR Stable, Charlottetown
Centurion Thunder c Rayson Hanover Ohappy Time
MacDougall, Carl Stable , Tyne Valley
Little Joe Paw c Lisryan Tax On Tax
MacDougall, Gerald Stable , Charlottetown
Casimir Emerald f Drop Off Casimir Jewel
MacGregor, Doug Stable, Charlottetown
Glengyle Quay f Arcane Hanover Cam Bo Ski
MacInnis, Robert Stable, Summerside
Blackriver Mystery c Black River Hedgerow Mystery
Lady Stingray f Rayson Hanover Braveore
MacInnis, Greg Stable, Summerside
Drop Of Mist f Drop Off Lone Water Mist
MacInnis, Kenny Stable, Hunter River
Hopedale Jax c Matter Of Money Acton Curious
Hopedale Jazz f Defies Logic Regal Trade
Hopedale Jean f Matter Of Money Magic In Paris
Hopedale Jive f Defies Logic Hopedale Legacy
MacKay, Chris Stable, Charlottetown
Fern Hill Queen f Rayson Hanover Fern Hill Isle
MacLaren, Reg Stable, Montague
Sir Ewen c Lisryan Island Skye
MacLean, Darryl Stable, Winsloe
Hello Neuman c Rayson Hanover Flaming Comet
Scarlet Thunder c Armbro Rival Scarlet Midnight
The Duckman g Lisryan Flaming Beauty
MacLean, Kevin Stable, Vernon River
Hunters Green c Hunterstown Karen Rebel
MacLean, Owen Stable, Fairview
Harrods Fancy c Harrods Acton Fancy
MacNeil, Donald Stable, Cornwall
Riverlea Dana f Pans To Reason Riverlea Anita
Riverlea Madelyn f Drop Off Dictatrice
MacPhee, Brian Stable, Charlottetown
Elm Grove Rebel c Doctor Gerson Rebel Kitten
MacQuarrie, Calvin Stable, Charlottetown
Paradise Express c Matter Of Money Forever Faithful
MacPhail, Blois Stable, Cornwall
Amanda Cananda c Rustler Hanover Amandas Jeter
Kypros c Astreos Plunge
Matheson, Ronnie Stable, Charlottetown
Car Thief Hanover c Rustler Hanover Cadillacing
Marymatt Hanover f Blissful Hall Mary Mattgalane
Mckenzie Hershey c Jennas Beach Boy Thruway Hershey
Race On Ray c Rayson Hanover Jill Finesse
Skye Hershey c Mr Lavec Megan Hershey
Sounding g Hunterstown Beached Whale
Woodmere Bagatrix c Drop Off Trick Of The Night
Youre The Curler c Lisryan Alita Solombre
Matthews, Charles Stable, Summerside
Puffin f Hunterstown Shakyurdoodldaddle
Mccabe, Gordon Stable, Charlottetown
Fern Hill Quality f Willow Bird Alf Got Lucky
Mcguigan, Barney Stable, Charlottetown
Woodbe A Devil c Drop Off Woodmere Ebony
Mcguirk, John Stable, Kensington
Fern Hill Quincey c Willow Bird Fern Hill Elite
Millar, Elton Stable, Summerside
Big Daddy O c Stargaze Hanover Summers Lady
Blu Meadow Utah g Lisryan Blu Meadow Nancy
Camco Kentra f Horan Hanover Callwood Nimba
Montgomery, John Stable, Summerside
Leahs Sandra f Smooth George Miss Leah J
Muzzys April Showers f Lightening Speed Patellis
Miuzzys Bull Moose c Black River Coo Coo Peggy
Muzzys Racindale c Rayson Hanover Nationdale
Nearly Dropped c Drop Off Near To You
Northryan c Lisryan M G Lina
Moore, Andrew & Allan Stable, Charlottetown
Rigio Hanover  c Island Fantasy            Rindercella
Habit Hanover  f Western Ideal            Haps Hanover
Moore, Dr. Ian Stable, Winsloe
Seawind Happening c Astreos Hey Girl
Mullen, Brendon Stable, Charlottetown
K Sa Ra Sara f Lisryan Hillview Alora
Murphy, Clifford Stable, Charlottetown
Sugar Express c Drop Off Sugar Skipper
T Bear Liz f Lisryan Cindyella

Murphy, Willie         Sturgeon, PEI         

Maple Grove Omega            f Rayson Hanover            Maple Grove Juno
Murray, Evan Stable, Cornwall
Go Drop Go f Drop Off Ms Forgotten
Neill, Darrell Stable, Charlottetown
Lems Texan c Black River Lems Dream
O'Brien, David Stable, Charlottetown
Balls Rule c Presidential Ball M J Sneakers
Glory Boyz c Brylin Boyz Ken Col Abby
Lyndale Tessie f Drop Off Lyndale OKay
Noble Luck c Camluck Life So Sweet
Random Proposal c Astreos Timelys Big Girl
Sir Fobos c Run The Table You Missed Me
Sonny Killean c Run The Table Odessa Blue Chip
Pineau, John Stable, Rustico
Rustico Red River g Black River Rustico Moonshine
Poulton, Vince Stable, Charlottetown
Now Whos Laughing c Drop Off Now Im Laughing
Poulton, Wilfred Stable, Charlottetown
Glengyle Mac c Arcane Hanover Glengyle Victoria
Reaman,Christine Stable, Summerside
Speed Indeed c Lightening Speed Norell
Rennie, Gary Stable, Alberton
RBs Raindrop f Lisryan JJs Mari
Rennie, Glen Stable, Alberton
Women Of Steel f Rayson Hanover Charlottes Amy
Rodgerson, Glenn Stable, Summerside
Marges Moneyman f Matter Of Money Pontiac Marge
Rogers, John Stable, Summerside
Princetown Nathan c Stargaze Hanover Kiss Of Knight
Rose, David Stable, Charlottetown
Teez N Reason c Pans To Reason Dusty Lane Tricia
Shephard, Harold Stable, Charlottetown
Zacharoo g Black River Hornby Leeta
Silliker, Willis Stable, Summerside
Rhondas Anne f Lisryan Rockin Rhonda
Smallwood, Joe Stable, Charlottetown
Countyline Toni f Black River My Sister Toni
JK Hunter c Hunterstown JK Harrods
JK Lady f Hunterstown J K Rose
JK Shadow c Straight Path J K Beauty
Smith,Clark Stable, Winsloe
Almost Unique c Horan Hanover Landfair Goldie
Smith, Earl Stable, Charlottetown
Howmac Dragon f Dragon Again To Jomar
I Like To Lead f Rustler Hanover Like To Lead
Sigarmill c Mr Lavec Galandish
Sporting Wood c Rustler Hanover Live Wood
Toy Rocket c Pacific Rocket Jens Beach Toy
Sobey, Alex Stable, Summerside
George Edward c Drop Off St Catherines
Sobey, Dale Stable, Summerside
Caredsas Dyl c Call For Cash Dylans Gem
Drop Of Gold f Drop Off Alberts Goldie
Therins Wily Ways f Lisryan Mellow Mindy
Thunders Echo c Rayson Hanover Kilkerran Oasis
Sorrie, Wade Stable, Sturgeon
Raysons Scooter f Rayson Hanover Classic Scooter
Stewart, Cecil Stable, Ellerslie
Binies Wildcat f Rayson Hanover Binies Dream
Stewart, Everett Stable, Pleasant Valley
Ring Wraith c Towel Me J K Dealer
Royal Stewart c Towel Me Dark Border
Stout Trooper c Towel Me Gettin Jiggy Witit
Stewart, Leon Stable, Summerside
Princetown Logan c Stargaze Hanover I Like It Soft
Taylor, Glenn Stable, Cardigan
Rosetown Rocket c Hunterstown Hiway Lady
TMT Stable, Summerside
Eli Is Comin c Matter Of Money Elinrods
Tremere, Stuart Stable, Hunter River
Ghostlys Ring c General Ring Ghostly Lady
Waite, William Stable, Summerside
Miss Harmony f Call For Cash Bras D Or
Wallace,Wendell Stable, Alberton
Owen Money c Matter Of Money Bio Allie
Walsh, Todd Stable, Charlottetown
Drop The Talk c Drop Off Shes All Talk
Ward, Tim Stable, Charlottetown
Fern Hill Quasar c Willow Bird Fern Hill Hailee
Waugh, Wade Stable, Summerside
Charmac Brooke f Rayson Hanover Donmar Rhea
Weatherbie, Tom Stable, Charlottetown
Jigtime Smokey c Lisryan Class N Jigtime
Island Zsa Zsa f Lisryan Hot Pants Mindale
Webster, Aubrey Stable, Morell
Quizzy f General Ring Inquisitor
Webster, Marvyn Stable, Tyne Valley
Howmac Dakota c Largo Lesley Van Alex
White, Blayne Stable, Wood Islands
Countyline Kelly c Armbro Rival Dunmore Kelly
Basin View Jenny f Armbro Rival N V Jenny
White, Raymond Stable, Wood Islands
Magic Vision f Armbro Rival Dawn Ayres
Slit f Hunterstown Menu
Willis, Glydon Stable, Winsloe
Island Zeus c Lisryan Exquisite Hanover

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