2 Year Olds in Training in Ontario

Trainer, Location
Horse Sex Sire Dam
Bax, John Stable, Peterborough
Armbro Chekov g Malabar Man Garonne Hanover
Balanced Boy g Balanced Image Armbro Gesture
Cuigottago g Mr Lavec Image Of Victory
Fourcynthia f Seasoned Pleasure Island Ferry
Good To Be King c Balanced Image Armbro Monarch
Lady Madonna f Angus Hall Gutsy Gerdie
Lukes Pedro g Yankee Paco Lukes Chantal
Lukes Tina f Yankee Paco Lukes Mary L
Parkhill Baroness f Angus Hall Parkhill Risque
SA Mr Tea g King Conch Tea With Lemon
Steak An Shake g Balanced Image Warrawee Karri
Yankee Della f Yankee Paco Dicey Yankee

Benn, Kevin Stables, Napanee
Hawkesbury c Yankee Paco Miss K C
Any Second f Presidential Ball Any Minute
Spocks Princess f Apaches Fame Clear The Table
Southwind Auroa f Artsplace Age Before Beauty
Blissfull Art c Blissfull Hall Armistice
Island Genius g Island Fantasy Lady Genius
Stormont Volga f Balanced Image Tolstoy Blue Chip
Stormont Squeeze f Balanced Image Hug Me Hanover
Stormont Sunset f Incredible Able Twilight Fire
Stormont O Yes f Stormont Bronze Tanya Seelster
Stormont Kebbie f Stormont Bronze Stormont Glory
Dodged A Bullet c Die Laughing Armbro Rapier

Bird, Barry Stable, Harwood
Sully Creek f Gothic Dream Sutter Creek

Brethour, Murray Stable, Sunderland
Act of Contrition c Pacific Rocket Contrite
Beau Di Odo f Armbro Operative Precious Sylva
Belle Aires Boy c Artiscape Camlisa
Brandon Dynamic c Rustler Hanover Shadydale Special
Daylon Favour f Run The Table Daylon Fling
Eternal Flight f Falcons Future Eternal Breeze
Famous Leader c Apaches Fame Miss Leading
Fernbank Lori f Camluck Ripe Is Ready
High Ransom f Camluck Fox Valley Hooker
In Reality c Northern Luck Lady A
Lifetime Beau c Life Sign Pretty Big Beau
Lily Bea f Camluck Jolibea Hanover
Lucks On My Side c Camluck Shreveport
Magnificent Millie f Island Fantasy Armbro Magnify
Northern Diligence f DM Dilinger Princess Noire
Queens Successor c Presidential Ball Runningtobe A Queen
Twin B Hold c Gothic Dream Laagable
Vallad g Royal Ballad Pocketfulloviolets
White Star Franny f Camluck Frankly Annie
Windsun Fire N Ice c Island Fantasy Cam Flite
Windsun Pandesonic c The Panderosa Digital TV
Yankee Apollo c Rustler Hanover Anonymouse
Yankee Symbol c Western Hanover Salty Yankee

Brown, Doug Stable, Burketon
Cal Zone Hanover c Cambest Carolina Wren
Eye Max f Astreos Sonsamilla
Lavish Lady f Western Hanover Kendal Lavish
Northern Edge c Northern Luck Hot and Ruthless
Random Rogue c Northern Luck Easy N Easier

Burgess, Blair Stable, Campbellville
Western Parkway c Western Hanover Lifes Dream
Sharpest Edge c Life Sign Straight Edge
Dream Card f Dream Away Queens Over Jacks
Western Frontier c Western Ideal Somkindasweetypie
Yankeee Dustin c Conway Hall Yankee Delta
Winkys Smile f Yankee Paco Winkys Trophy
Picture Image f Balanced Image Worldclass Victory
Pancake Hanover f Western Ideal Panned Out
Maria Hall f King Conch Mooorelands Val
Athena Hall f Striking Sahbra Alis Cat
Larceny Hall c Cambest Lola
Vegas King c Cams Card Shark Art In The Park
Clearly Possessed c Self Possessed Clearly A Flirt
Armbro Cocoa f Conway Hall Sugarbear Hanover
Prime Strike c Striking Sahbra Primacy
Miss Hum f Berndt Hanover Humaliwo
Flightofalifetime f Artsplace Take Flight
Rescue Me c Western Hanover Liberated Angel
Stonebridge Adonis c Western Hanover Casual Beauty
Stonebridge Gem c Island Fantasy Trieste Hanover
Whitesand Charmer f Angus Hall Hey You Guys
I Will Remember You f Camluck Memories Any Size
Serenity Seelster f Camluck Scooter Love
Aegean f Astreos Forlifesake
Actress f Western Ideal Mimie Driver
Danterra Farms, Strathroy
Amarillo c Balanced Image Star Of Texas
Essence Of Silk f Balanced Image Edda Hanover
Extreme Image c Balanced Image Soignee Kash
JN Buttercup f King Conch Mor Thrilling
Names Agnes f Angus Hall Me Voi Ici
Sues Kitchen f Striking Sahbra Speedy Sydell
Sweet Vallee Girl f Balanced Image Val Lee Woman
The Little Dictator c Presidential Ball Armbro Kara
Darling, Jack Stable, Windsor
Whitesand Hooligan c Northern Luck Tomlin
Surrounded c Northern Luck Simplistic
Diageo c Northern Luck Jess Siree
Back It Up c Northern Luck Our Wild Angel
Silent Swing c Northern Luck She Cant Say No
Treasure Planet c Northern Luck Treasure For Trish
Northern Jade f Northern Luck Décor
Dinah Classic f Northern Luck Have No Secrets
Northern Beall f Northern Luck Safety Belle T
Hot Butter f Northern Luck Better Butter
Julian c Gothic Dream Heavenly Innocence
Bad Vibes f Gothic Dream Armbro Vibration
Stonebridge Fame c Apaches Fame One Fine Cam
Southwind Mallory c Western Ideal Musical Dreamer
Jewelman c Jate Lobell Touch Of Pearls
Yankee Accolade c Cams Card Shark Artbreak Hotel
El Grande Paco c Yankee Paco Hornby Crystal
Unsung Hero c Angus Hall Brawny Lass
Dicicco, Domenico Stable, London
Presidents Scotch f Presidential Ball Mary Of Scotland
Drouillard, Fred Stable, Windsor
Team Effort c Camluck Molly Hanover
Primary Suspect c Die Laughing Real Fancy Lady

Durand, Tom Stable, Puslinch
Simply Curvacious f Angus Hall Streamlined
Chiquita Mia f Angus Hall Clorinda Lobell
Malificient f Royal Ballad Cruella D Fille

Hayter, Ed Stable, Flamborough
Twin B Krave c Astreos Keystone Kodiak
Pleasures Image f Super Pleasure Jayport Imajean
Falcons Champ c Falcons Future Fay Seelster

Hennessy, Rod Stable, Harley
Dreamy Sonata c Dream Away Southwind Sonata
You Did What f Camluck Fearless Flight
Land Baron c Rambaron Bally Rooney
Armbro Cool f Grinfromeartoear Must B Cool
Babyremembermyname f Apaches Fame Swingin Mistress
Lucky Xample f Northern Luck By Desire
Prairie Jester c Presidential Ball Laughs Unlimited
Mark of Prosperity c Astreos Mark of Esteem
Barrel Racing c The Panderosa Resume Speed
Psychic c Cams Card Shark Phantom Rider

Henry, Garth Stable, Russell
Thunder Ridge c Wesgate Crown Blue Skies Again
Jamieson, Carl Stable, Princeton
Lincoln Parke c Astreos Bunny Dearest
Pointe Of Order c Astreos Canaco Motion
Caviarandsoftmusic c Camluck Landfair Caveat
Presidents Ball c Presidential Ball Lifes Treasure
Kds Mercury c Astreos Skiponover
Banner Yankee c Grinfromeartoear Betta Yankee
Wheresitat c Fit For Life Wesgate Star
Jesse B c Armbro Operative Mehari
Fast Factor c Apaches Fame Eftimia
Lucks Mistress f Camluck Mystic Mistress
Three Kilo f Dexter Nukes Armbro Breeze
Island Dreams f Island Fantasy Do Hush
Taras Athena f Astreos Yankee Co Star
Deal Me Sevens f Apaches Fame CR Chelsea
Ja El Elegant f Gothic Dream Elegant Killean
Ingrid Bergrin f Grinfromeartoear Ashboro
Cyprian Serenade f Astreos Almahurst Sandy
Jenna Darling f Jennas Beach Boy Object Of Desire
Ja El Ginger f Balanced Image Coastalongwithme
Red Had Ladies f King Conch LV Prima Donna
Caramel Cons f Conway Hall Constant Success

Jones, Keith Stables, Midhurst
B Cor Brett c Berndt Hanover B Cor Jennifer
Camesawnconchered c King Conch Jayport Whimsey
Janna Seelster f Angus Hall Jazzy Kathy
Presidents Choice c Balanced Image Cool Caress

Lunde, Harald Stables, Campbellville
Psychic Star c Lindy Lane Psychiatrist
Enjoy Flower c Enjoy Lavec Hialeah Hanover
November c Balanced Image Crown Thy Good
Surfing Angus c Angus Hall Green Surface
Smooth Moves c Angus Hall Flirt Alert
Speeden c Balanced Image Mitey Speedy
Night Glow f Angus Hall Radiant Victory
Fancy Shot c Angus Hall Fancy Fancy Fancy
Scan Disk c Balanced Image Diskette

Maltby, Geoff Stable, Acton
Emerald Eclipse f C R Renegade Letterloose
Crown Derby c Angus Hall China Doll B
Beebomb c Rustler Hanover Jassy Jasmine
Whispering Apache f Apaches Fame Campaigne Whispers
Ucandream f Gothic Dream Ukantbeme

Masse, James- Osgoode
Molly In Motion f King Conch Warrawee Chinto

McEneny, Scott Stable, Waterdown
Putnam Romeo c Grinfromeartoear Worth The Win
Putnam President c Presidential Ball Oh My Miss Kelly
Whitesand Samantha f N/A N/A
Armbro Cleopatra f Dragon Again Abbeys Admiration
Cohenutopia f N/A N/A
Another Day f Artiscape Sweet Strokes
Grace Levec f Mr Lavec Princess Pan
Man In The Mirror c Self Possessed Lydia Blue Chip
Arcalis Hanover c Western Hanover Arizona Jane
Matts Warrior c Matts Scooter Mademoiselle Lucky
Smile By The Mile f Grinfromeartoear Baja Ha
Nether Hanover c Grinfromeartoear Noble Desire
Lifeline Hanover c Cams Card Shark Lisas Sign
Warrawee Gamble f King Conch Sure Bet Hanover
Lets Go Cruzin c N/A N/A
Armbro Cardshark c Cams Card Shark Art Expo

McIntosh, Robert Stable, LaSalle
Allamerican Amber f Western Hanover Amused Hanover
Always Available f Camluck Imthatkindofgirl
Armbro Chelsea f Donerail Covent Garden
Armbro Cinnamon f Western Ideal Mattaroni
Arts Risk f Artsplace Delinquent Account
Bernies Babe f Berndt Hanover Armbro Sylvie
Bernies D Nile f Berndt Hanover Dial Nile
Dress To Thrill f Camluck Lingerie
Capriati Blue Chip f Artsplace Docomo
Evaning Dreams f Dream Work Armbro Eva
Hawaieye f Island Fantasy Sightforsoreyes
Heartful Image f Balanced Image Romantic Victory
Hologram Hanover f Berndt Hanover Hornby Jean
Long Stem Roses f Berndt Hanover Armbro Rosebowl
Lucys Bernie f Berndt Hanover Town Image
Out Of School f Artiscape School Bus
Six Pack Summer f Camluck Six Of Arts
Snap The Whip f Camluck Whipper Snapple
Spigot f Camluck Water Spigot
Star Factor f Chill Factor Star Crusher
Tyrone Megabucks f San Pellerino Earliest
Water Bucket f Water Tower Pan Souci
Werstern Cruise f Western Hanover Affluence
Youronechancefancy f Island Fantasy Rose N Paradise
All Over The Place c Artsplace Over The Clouds
Armbro Carlyle c Conway Hall Mine Again
Armbro Cloverleaf c Western Hanover Shady Willow
Art Bocelli c Artiscape Cammelloni
Arties Samartie c Artiscape Sammies Cammi
As Dreamers Do c Artsplace Whenyouwishuponastar
Brawn Seelster c Berndt Hanover Bambino Rose
Cameo And Juliet c Camluck Julie Seelster
Cammy Sosa c Camluck Meatballs N Getty
Could Be A Player c Camluck Armbro Remarkable
David c Blissful Hall Lucky We Met
Hausers Dream c Artiscape In Your Dreams
End The Drought c Water Tower Sanfran Cam
Gus Q c Western Hanover Miss Krista Q
I Can Cam Cam c Camluck Foxy Babe
I Zee c Western Hanover Firstariseetonite
Isnt He Lucky c Camluck Isnt She Lovely
Little Sprout c Camluck Valley Gal
Meet The Artist c Artiscape Sanfran Hanover
Mr Delite c The Panderosa Delight The Eyes
Muscles Shoals c Muscles Yankee Perfect Aim
Oliver Jackson c Western Hanover Armbro Nest
Reasontocelebrate c Artsplace Celebrity Ball
Red Tail c Artsplace Electrical Express
Should Be Sleepin c Camluck Am I Dreamin
Stonebridge Regal c Arstplace Lady Joanna
Stronebridge Trophy c Camluck Fran Seelster
Tyrone Charm c Berndt Hanover Betsy Flag
Tyrone Spitn Image c Balanced Image Showee
Vics Victory c Mr Vic Worthy Victory
Wallys World c Island Fantasy Sharon Again
Western Edition c Western Hanover Perfect Profile
Western Smile c Western Hanover Broad Smile
Wind Berndt c Berndt Hanover Breezy Knoll Yankee

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McIntosh, Doug Stable, Wheatley
Angel Cam f Camluck Artful Angel
Armbro Charisma f Donerail Armbro Proud
Chasing A Dream c Sand Chaser Verybigimagination
Choco Paco f Yankee Paco Chockie Hanover
Del Paco c Yankee Paco Mrs Jade
Fighting Spam c Yankee Paco Emerald Seelster
Final Battle c Yankee Paco Dead Even
Grandpa Jack c Rustler Hanover Over The Coals
Livias Last c Yankee Paco Lady Livia
Metrophisticated c Yankee Paco Metro
Paco Uno c Yankee Paco Desert Ivey
Pick O Pack f Yankee Paco Meadowbranch Olive
Strong Tea f Muscles Yankee China Tea

O'Reilly, Frank, Orton, Ont.
Armbro Conch f King Conch Armbro Barb
Emmie emmie f King Conch Vicky Lou Who
Copperfield Road g U S Open Hiawatha Abba Dabba
Brylin Renegade c CR Renegade Brylin Glory
With Attitude f Apaches Fame Not Too shabby
Taylorlane Bliss f Royal Ballad Kiss Me You Fool
Taylorlane Breckin f Royal Ballad Spilled Milk
Pleasure Valley g Valleymesiter Pleasure Eye

Roberts, Darryl Stable, London
Darwin Seelster c Astreos Demi Seelster
Total Impac c Astreos Kathy Q
Smith, John Stable, Woodlawn
Local Traffic c Shipps Speed Merles Image
R A Play c Speedy Pro Julies Play
Steacy, Mark Stable, Lansdowne
Armbro Connie f King Conch Armbro Sweetheart
Carolyna Moon f Rustler Hanover Bunny Town
Tequila Dream c Yankee Paco Intimate Dream
Child From The Sea f Astreos Wheres The Beach
Lukes Antoine c Victory Dream Landy Prospect
Justadare c DM Dillinger Ifyoudare
Lucky Alexandra f Northern Luck Rustic Light
Ambers Lavec c Mr Lavec Chelemark Sedona
Tackoor, Des Stable, Whitby
Rocketman Hall c Cambest Rainkissed
Landscapist c Cambest Cactus Flower
Hero In America c Camluck Costly Cleanup
Western Sequel c Western Ideal Onceagain
Wade, Mike Stable, Little Britain
Incredible Babe f Incredible Abe Ekoceyr
Taras Renegade c CR Renegade Askemetodance
Iseerightthroughu f Albert Albert TLS Trish
Weekender g Balanced Image Kitty Slicker
Casino Annie f Royal Ballad Kims Glory
Keystone Sonata f Mr Lavec Keystone Songbird
Mystic Conquest g King Conch Mystic Victory

Walker, Paul Stable, Owen Sound
Chelemark Tucker c Balanced Image Berto Cathy
Lady Lancelot f Incredible Abe Armbro Hollywood
Our Day f Tagliabue Financial Page
Sympatico Hanover f Yankee Paco SOS Fire Fly
Meconopsis f Striking Sahbra Mombasa
Oaklea Nattie f Royal Ballad Oaklea Ginny

Campbellville Training Centre
Hofacker, Ken Stable
Jessie Watt f Island Fantasy Armbro Venom
Just Maggie f Incredible Abe Speedy Dreamer
Shes A Great One f Dexter Nukes One Girl
Smile Again f Die Laughing Lip Sauce

Walker, Larry Stable
Draven f Brendt Hanover Joyous Image
EE Ray Sem c Balanced Image Rosane Ray
Eager Lois f Eager Seelster Armbro Lois
Image Bill c Balanced Image Joyces Full House
Oaklea Nevada f Mr Lavec Oaklea Jasmine
Win Some Way f Angus Hall Shuttle Diplomacy

Classy Lane Training Centre
Curran, Chuck Stable
Frock Around The Clock f Angus Hall Frock
Shark For A Day f Cams Card Shark Tarport Mimi
Whitesand Trick f Astreos Tricky Two Shoes
Vanderkemp, Michael Stable
Fast Falcon c Falcon Seelster Precious Dorothy
Shore Future c Falcon Future Shore To Win
Harder, Mark Stable
Exotic Moves f Astreos Key Risque
Northern Ensign c Angus Hall Royal Pizzaz
Victory Above All f Angus Hall Whiteland Victory
Mayotte, Roger Stable
Cams News Maker f Camluck Making The News
Destinys Wish f Angus Hall Northern Serena
Entertainment g Gothic Dream Elanthropist
Takes The Cake f Camluck Take A Chance On Me
McCall, Darren Stable
Gone Walk Around c Royal Ballad Like Candy
O'Neil, Ron Stable
Flirtys Image f Balanced Image Flirtatious
Quees Of Scots f King Conch Well Cast
Pelling, Brett Stable
Armbro Cider f Island Fantasy LA Toya
Fulton Seelster c Island Fantasy Finesse Seelster
Wallace, Ben Stable
Absolut Hall c Cambest Armbro Spring
Armbro Cocktail f Island Fantasy Armbro Tophat
Banana Crunch c Life Sign Hannah Banana
Broadbrush c The Panderosa Caressable
Camtrac c Camluck Ho Hi Ho
Daylon Island c Island Fantasy Ileana Hanover
Grand Rush c Super Pleasure Racin Bread
Great Escape c Artiscape Dorothy Lamatt
Inspire Hanover f The Panerosa I Sparkle
Jennas Beach Walker f Jennas Beach Boy Silly Rabbit
Lady Best f Cambest Hello There
Mccabe Hall c Cambest Modelaag
Selma Hall f Cambest Silky Sal
Stonebridge Brave c Apache Fame Two In The Morning
Summer Fantasy c Island Fantasy Seasons Pass
Tornado Island f Island Fantasy Storm Tossed
Twin B Zooka c Astreos Twin B Keyko
Whitesand Rustler c Rustler Hanover Jonsies Girl

Zirnis, George Stable, Elmira
Terra Cotta Gift f Rustler Hanover Helenes Gift
Dream On Bernie f Berndt Hanover Dreamfair Tierra
Looks Like Gold c Earl Our Royal Gem
Toms Dusty Matt c Royal Strength Oaklea Gemma
Jameson f Mr Lavec Dumela
Thankgodiamafilly f Rustler Hanover Ageless Beauty

Flamboro Downs
Brouillette, Daniel Stable
Lightening Javato c Freight Saver Batifole
Coulter, Steve Stable
Earls Act c Earl Miss Classy Lassie
Franys Ballad f Royal Ballad Franny W
Spy Design f Spy Hard Edible Petals
Duncan, Linda Stable
Dell Ridge Wildfire c CR Renegade Arland Marg
Farrington, Jon Stable
JD Cold Kash f Straight Path Free Flight Kash
Henry, Paul Stable
Miss Abby Lane f Incredible Abe Early N Bright
Royal Don c Royal Ballad Doncella
Houghton, Jeff Stable
JC Dew f Presidential Ball Orillia TNT
Hummel, Rob
Arnold Seelster c Berndt Hanover Ann Seelster
MacIntosh, Blake Stable
Albert Killean c Run The Table Sea Escape
McEneny,Tammy Flamboro Downs
Sensational Looker f Bo Knows Jate Kendal Looker
McNeil, Rick Stable
Great Believer f Camluck Fanny Bryce
Koopman c Berndt Hanover Petit Strength
Lady Luck With You f Camluck One Hot Lady
Mikey Rooney c Pacific Rocket Intimate Dragon
Zorgwijk Fallon f Westgate Crown Warrawee Winsome

Rose, Rebecca Stable
Forrest Lilly f Artiscape Sweettalkin Mindale
The Pocket Rocket f Pacific Rocket Camelota

Mohawk Racetrack
Beelby, Clark Stable
Thrilled To Pieces f Astreos All American Thrill
Windsong Brooke f Mr Lavec Balance Maddy
Bourgeois, Rheal Stable
Armbro Cachet f Camluck Armbro Purse
Daylon Heritage f Camluck Homespun Hanover
Dotted Diamond f Rustler Hanover Strip N Tease
Burns, John Stable
Bet Again Hanover f Western Hanover Bet Me Hanover
Glenmount Mathew c Camluck Glenmount Beaner
Mr Michael c Astreos Fun N Joy
Norwell Lacey f Angus Hall Norwell Glory
Prime Time Bliss c Blissful Hall Armbro Knots
Shining Muscles f Muscles Yankee Armbro Roseanne
Trey Hanover c Cambest Triptych
Cecil, Mark Stable
CA Fortune c Northern Luck Armbro Gillian
Laser Lavec c Mr Lavec April Glory
Noayurbusiness f Presidental Ball Amica Solombre
Pure Evil c Presidental Ball Starfleet Baby
Cherwaiko, Tim Stable
Dont Be Mislead f Eager Seelster Portrayal
LH Ripper c Astreos Pacific Sea Breeze
Christoforou, Charolombos Stable
Athenian Princess f Angus Hall Nicosia Cyprus
Gold Dust Beach c Jennas Beach Boy Good As Gold
Kavo Greco c Astreos Between The Hedges
Noble Dreamer f King Conch Earl Of My Dreams
Paros c Astreos Lucky Bobbi D
Princess Samantha f Astreos All Iwannabe
Priscilla Seelster f Angus Hall Photo From Home
Comegna, Nick Stable
Impagain Hanover f Dragon Again Impressive Breeze
Syncopate c Life Sign Samanthas Concerto
Companion, Bill Stable
Becca Seelster f Camluck Breena Hanover
Pitch Hanover f Cams Card Shark Porcelain
Snowshoe Hanover f The Panerosa Success Road
The Cath f Northern Luck Ms Cha Cha
Dorion, John Stable
Taco Sauce Hanover f Yankee Paco Tasha Yar
Queen Of Annoyance f Royal Ballad Merry Image
Drury, Barry Stable
Bugsy Lucky Lady f Chill Factor Dexters Lady
Fisher, Dan Stable
Casimir Earthquake c Falcons Future Niatross Jenkins
Miss The Dance f Presidential Ball Double Digits
Gilmour, Steve Stable
Ball Room Queen f Presidental Ball Killer Queen
My Charmer f Yankee Paco Brisco Maud
Gordon, Garth Stable
Accent Seelster c Camluck Annabelle Sahbra
El Toro c Jate Lobell Dame Crombie
Lukes Chatelayne f Yankee Paco Heather Court
Olympic Seelster c Camluck Opening Argument
Payday Hanover c Western Ideal Precious Day
Zorgwijk Fabianne f Valleymeister Illia Zorgwijk

Kopas, John Stable
Armbro Carousel f Armbro Operative Armbro Bala
Chosen X Ample c Grinfromeartoear Chosen Journey
Dream Catcher f No Nukes Kawartha Radiant
Haliberri f Rustler Hanover Black Glass
Its Just A Fling f Balanced Image Lost Gem
Keystone Escalate f Arturo Keystone Exton
Keystone Frizzle f Balanced Image Frill Of Victory
Keystone Medley f Yankee Paco Atlanta Games
Keystone Mulberry f Arts place Maura Hanover
Keystone Mystery c Shady Character Misty Rose
Keystone Royal f Arts place Manmatten Island
Keystone Super c Donerail Keystone Susie Q
Luminary c Rustler Hanover Light Up
Hawaiian Gay f Grinfromeartoear Festive Spring
Shipps Daydream f King Conch Shipps Dream
Shipps Helmsman c San Pellegrino Shipps Cruise
Wiggleroom Hanover f Cams Card Shark Wonder Hanover

Libby, Jason & Jen Stable, Ingersoll
Prize of Angus c Angus Hall Eye For The Prize
Big Bonus c Bo Knows Jate Erievale Mimi
Radar Killean c Run the Table Violent Storm
Wildcat Sue f Grinfromeartoear Latoya
Legally Blonde f Prestdential Ball Soft Storm
Dreamfair Elite c Dream Away Dreamfair Nathalie
Dreamfair Kogel c Rustler Hanover JCs Nathalie
Dreamfair Shanahan c Dream Away Champagne and Caviar

MacDonald, Bruce, Mardon Stables, Loretto
Lucky Union f Camluck Grand Union
Armbro Colin c Island Fantasy Armbro Saker
Armbro Caruso c Island Fantasy Gennifers Flower
Beach Bud f Jennas Beach Boy Armbro Rosebud
Northern Stealth c Rustler Hanover Peaceinthevalley
Wyn Option c Rustler Hanover Ash Can Wyn
Artists Eye f Cams Card Shark Artistic One

MacPherson, Dennis Stable
Complicated f Northern Luck Tatianas Doll
Impulse Seelster c Camluck Immortal
Fast Astreos c Astreos Rapid Transfer
Filicia Seelster f Angus Hall Fishing Hill
McCoy, Sarah Stable
Hall Trot c Angus Hall Stormmount Emma
Tzatziki f Astreos Keystone Kris
Skjaker, Paul Stable
Armbro Chi f Yankee Paco Danish Devine
Worth The Drive c King Conch Eikos Image
Smith, David Stable
Alexi Killean f Run The Table Star Lite Spring
Armbro Caviar f Western Hanover Loch Laggan
Bell Amis Love f Artsplace My Bell Ami
Gallary Girl f Artsplace Tacambaro
Heavenly Cam f Cambest Sugarene Hanover
Lady Meghan O f Western Hanover Lady Camella
Liquid Ice f Mr Lavec Perfect Ice
Misty Dragon f Dragon Again Dans Misty
Protypical f Albert Albert Compatriot
Sign My Book f Life Sign Open Book
Stead, Harold Stable
Izzie Lucky c Camluck Elance Angus
Maddies Charm f Angus Hall Stonsie
Renegade Lady f CR Renegade Body Wishes
Steal Black c Rustler Hanover Cascade Color
Sunone f Western Hanover Sun N Moon
Strauss, Tom Stable
Lukes Axcel c Mr Lavec Tupelo
Wassilyn, Mike Stable
Anahar Charlie c Earl Prettty Dashing
Waples, Ron Stable
Blame Game c Yankee Paco Wont She Tell
Keystone Showcase f Lindy Lane Keystone Starpoint
Stew Pot Hanover f Yankee Paco Southern Drawl
Young, Robert Stable
Armbro Celestial f Island Fantasy Armbro Twilight
Art A Cam Hanover f Artsplace Armbro over
Bella Reena f Presidental Ball Andora Girl
Clothing Optional c Island Fantasy Abes Delight
El Guerrouj c Angus Hall Lory Ciak
LaSensa f Astreos Tarport Sensation
Premiere Expresso f Presidental Ball Faraway Jada
Winning Grin f Grinfromeartoear Bunker To Bunker
Zeron, Rick Stable
Belfour c King Conch SOS Crystal
Drive f King Conch Plus Package
Major Hall c Angus Hall Balderdashing
Millwork c Mr Lavec Lemons Mill
Needsmore Jewels f DM Dilinger Luctors Mitzi
Who Pays The Bill c Camluck Yes Yes
Whos That Girl f DM Dilinger Madonna Undersky

Smiths Training Centre, Flamborough
Gagne, J.F Stable
Shirley Hall f Cambest Sign Runner
Threat Matrix c Astreos Putman Precious
Two Twelve Turner c Rustler Hanover Armbro Desire
MacDonald, Kathy Stable
Buzzmeister g Valleymeister Creignish
MacKenzie, Paul Stable
Elsies Alberta f Albert Albert Camboo Angel
Nevada Lights c Apache Fame Armbro Reno
Taylors First f DM Dilinger Fun For Taylor
Rivest, Mike Stable
Charbon Derable c Shipps Speed Super Trish
Good News Rocket c Pacific Rocket Bit Of Good News
JM Katie f Yankee Paco Chelemark Julie
Whelan, Walter Stable
Big Guard g Big Guard My Image

Waples Training Centre
Lee, Brian Stable
In Blue f Armbro Operative Shadows Blue
Sister Rachel f The Panderosa Queen Gambit
Brown, Mike Stable
Fame Of The Sea c Apache Fame Kinway Heather
Currie, Joe Stable
Caitlin Hall f Cambest Comic Burst
Devil Dog Hall g Cambest Dream Seeker
Miles Of Smiles c Grin From Ear To Ear One I Love
PNC Park c Blissful Hall Bunting
RDBS Party Girl f Albert Albert Private Party
Mathews, Chris Stable
Casimir Enforcer c Make A Deal Not Msbehaven
Galyn Casey f Camluck Kendal Lady Rouge
McNair, Gregg Stable
Apache Brave c Apache Fame Old Love
Cameloft c Cambest Lofty Aspirations
Chestnut Chester c Incredible Abe GG Dandy
Fames Little Star f Apache Fame Terra Cotta Laag
Glen B c Cambest No Matter
Janes Cam c Camluck Jans Scooter
Landfair Visa f Matts Scooter Charged
Lord Luck c Camluck Catherine Semalu
Marvin Seelster c Camluck Movin Along
Matts Buddy c Apaches Fame White Flag
Memphis Seelster c Life Sign Mattlantic City
Mosiac f Camluck Truly Artful
Riverfront Cafe c Rustler Hanover Aisle Party
Rockland c Mr Lavec Regans Image
Royal Juju Bilee f Royal Ballad Raving Chris
Smiling Beauty f Grinfromeartoear Suntan
Sweetmarieofgrace f Berndt Hanover Graces Dream
The Bam Man c Dragon Again Eye To Eye
Tymal Tauras c Camluck Vision Maker
Wacky Sign f Life Sign A New Wack
You Not Youse f Berndt Hanover Chicory Mariah
Tingley, David Stable
Brontease c Balanced Image Royal Bronte
Meghans Misty f Malabar Man Miss Misti Girl
SA Pacolina f Yankee Paco Bee String
SA Shania Dwayne f Angus Hall Wharton
Winter Photo c SJs Photo Spawing
Yankee Chowder f Muscles Yankee Fish Chowder
Willis, Glydon Stable
Island Zeus c Lisryan Exquisite Hanover

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