2 Year Olds in Training in New Brunswick

Trainer, Location
Horse Sex Sire Dam
New Brunswick - Fredericton Raceway
Belmore, Tom Stable
Birdton Burt c Lisryan Battletown Bo
Bishop, Don Stable
Ohyoulittlething f Merrilerollalong Giant Dream
Windbagtina Basie Casio Express
Briggs, Brent Stable
Jags Angel f Jaguar Knight Kcs Angel
Campbell, Mike Stable
Southview Daisy f Artiscape Gambunctious
Rocket To The Top c Lisryan Sakra Posey
North Wind Mary f Versus Coalsistar
Collett, Mark Stable
Lady Medusa f Jaguar Knight Mactaquac Lady
DeCourcey, Stephan Stable
Hawaiian Beach Boy c Hawaiian Lightning Cal Mar Dynasty
Dickinson, Roy Stable
High Jinx Benka c Happy Paysak Hobby Hanover
Bear Island Tyler c Rayson Hanover Bear Island Sue
Bear Island Star f Drop Off Bear Island Beauty
Downey, Mike Stable
Almost Unique c Horan Hanover Landfair Goldie
Woodmere Flyin Ryan c Lisryan Diplomat Katie
Mr Papillon c Chill Factor Butterfly McQueen
Admirals First Lady f Rayson Hanover Scoot Admiral
Foley, Sandra Stable
Rookies Raisin c Rayson Hanover Shy Rookie
Jennings, Paul Stable
Just Like That Man c Mantorious Donmar Caitlyn
Saulsbrook Mar f Justice Denied Belle Marcia
Saulsbrook Gold c Eager Seelster System
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Moyer, Hazel Stable
Chilly Oneill f Chill Factor Peggy Oneill
Sowers, Phillip Stable
Spudland Shona f Drop Off Charlottes Vessie
Watts, Sheldon Stable
Island Zest f Towel Me Andrea
Windamere Girl f Lisryan Woodmere Honey
Missmeme f Lisryan Lady in Control
Windamere Spirit f Black River Island Secret
New Brunswick - Exhibition Park Raceway
Armstrong, Rick Stable
Saulsbrook Dandy c Justice Denied A Little Heaven
Baird, Hugh Stable
Dear Mr Fantasy c Island Fantasy Broadway Aura
Horse House Madame f Rustler Hanover Beyond A Dream
Shady Martin c Shady Character Roni Hersh
Shayne Funky Color c Big Towner Color Connection

Clancy, Colleen Stable

Magic Boy c Cams Boy Mugger Di
Davies, John Stable
Camco Kyle c Lisryan Royal Minx
Davidson, John Stable
Burnham Boy c Sweet Dragon Unveiled
Burnham Red Eye c Sweet Dragon AK Express
Diversity Pink f Sweet Dragon Goldy Andrea
Miss Eva Hayes f Ruck A Chucky Miss Annie Hayes
Miss Julianna Hayes f Ruck A Chucky Miss Melaine Hayes

Pick Eva

f Ruck A Chucky Pick A Lilly
Red Boots f Ruck A Chucky Miss Melody Hayes
Sheer Radiance f Radiant Butler Thetimeofmylife
Downey Stables
Megan Down f Asteros Tuscon Melody
Mr Downeast c Grinfromeartoear Rough Start
Imnotgoingtoletyoudown f Drop Off Regal Down
Seawind Pearl f Astreos Peacemaker
Woodmere Sonic Boom c Drop Off Evonne
Woodmere Star Lane c Drop Off Deer Lane

Fram, Earl Stable

Future Secret f Falcons Future Island Secret
Hubbard, Wayne Stable
Basinview Tanner c Call For Cash Courtland Karen
Always Jarwa c Lisryan Svanen Star
Casimir Emerald c Drop Off Casimir Emerald
Mahar, Steve Stable
Small Town Filly f Towel Me Camco Calais
Casimir Eyeful c Falcons Future Casimir Jade
Wilson, Eric Stable
Man Of The Stars c Astreos Isnt She Wonderful
LH Rustlers Filly f Rustler Hanover Jiffy Babe
Evrybdyluvsraymond c Rayson Hanover Gemini Goddess
Barrieau, Alfred, Moncton
Random Passage c Lisryan Kirvi

Barrieau, Gilles , Saint John, NB.

War Banner            c Happy Paysak            Rare Dame
Beckwith, Doug, North River

Rustico Storm

c Rayson Hanover Direct Nymph

Belliveau, Francis, Dieppe

Raceon Ray c Rayson Hanover Jill Finesse

Bellivieu, Jean-Charles, Dieppe

REs Kim f Drop Off REs Cloud

Boucher, Romeo, Moncton

Almost Persuaded f, Rayson Hanover Armbro Jantilly

Fagen, Roger, Woodstock

Island Zane c Lightening Speed Nina Turner

Fagen, Frank, Moncton

Liquidity c Chill Factor Unbelieva Ball

Leslie, Boyd, Dieppe

Woodmere Special f Arcane Hanover Some Nice Friday

Leslie, Boyd, Moncton

Mullet f Hunterstown Coiffeur

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